Now is the time to Take Action and learn Facebook Advertising for your business

It's time for you to start running profitable Facebook Ads that generate thousands of dollars!

I can teach you the step by step strategies in Facebook Advertising that will make you money

If you’ve lost money on Facebook Ads you’re not the only one.

Facebook is an amazing platform to market your products. Where else can you sell thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars by simply placing ads and targeting the right people?

I found there were so many businesses that have tried to learn Facebook advertising, but when it comes to implementation… they are simply overwhelmed.

That’s why I created an opportunity to  teach businesses over an 8 week period, the correct strategies involved in Facebook Advertising AND to coach them to create and implement their own winning campaign.

This is not your ordinary Facebook Course.

It’s a program designed to teach you  step by step strategies to learn, implement and analyse your campaigns – all with the 1: 1 support you need throughout the program.

I want to personally invite you to make an investment into yourself and your business by learning the powerful strategies of Facebook advertising for your business.

My team and I are here to support you in our 8 week program to ensure you graduate with the confidence to run your own profitable campaigns.

Shenny Neveceral

Welcome to our 8 Week Premier Program

Where we will teach, coach and empower you to run your own Facebook Ads

We TEACH you Facebook Advertising strategies through our online Foundations and Advanced step by step courses

We COACH you in setting up and analysing your ad campaign with 1:1 session's with our Facebook Ads Expert

We EMPOWER you through the knowledge you gain to confidently run your own profitable campaigns

After our 8 week program you will feel CONFIDENT to take your business to the next level

We have helped over 300 business this past year with their Facebook ads.

Our 1:1 coaching session’s are the key to successfully learning Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising is essential for every business. Most business owners find it overwhelming and are wasting thousands of dollars in unprofitable ads

Many business owners have tried Facebook Advertising for their business but find it difficult and overwhelming as they need both specific teaching and coaching to fully understand and implement the correct strategies.

We will Teach, Coach and Empower you to run your own Profitable Facebook Ads in our 8 Week Premier Program

Have you tried to learn Facebook Ads via online courses but you have more questions than answers?

Online courses can be great but often at the end of the course you have questions that remain unanswered.

It’s so important to have the support to receive answers to any of your questions. 

Ultimately that’s the best way to learn

Are you feeling confused and frustrated trying to get results with Facebook Ads?

We get it, it’s not easy! We’ll take you by the hand and teach you step by step powerful strategies behind paid Facebook  Advertising. At the same time we will provide you with a Facebook Ads expert to give you the 1:1 attention you need.

After our 8 week program you will feel confident to create the strategies needed to run your own profitable campaign.

Do you want to feel confident to run your own profitable Facebook ads?

We understand that not every business can afford an agency to run their Facebook Advertising.

After our 8 week program we will have armed you with enough knowledge and support to run your own profitable campaigns.

You will feel confident to create your own campaigns, analyse your results and implement any changes necessary to create the returns your business needs.

Here's What You'll Learn in The 8 Week Premier Program

Understanding The Facebook Pixel

If you don’t have the Facebook pixel installed you could be losing thousands of dollars. We will teach you the importance of the pixel and why it is essential to create a re-targeting campaign.

The Components of a Successful Ad

We'll pull apart each component of your ad and teach you what strategies work in profitable ads. Everything from what colours to choose to what scripts are selling. Your goal is to stop the scroll and attract attention.

Understand why your ads may be failing

We'll outline 6 specific reasons why your current ads may be failing and the simple steps you need to overcome this so your future campaigns are a success

Retargeting to your Red Hot Audience

We'll show you how to retarget your customers that are READY and WILLING to buy. We'll outline the EXACT audience that you will need to create EXACTLY at each stage of your customer journey. This strategy is the best to generate extra sales with the least amount of effort.

What the customer funnel is and how you can take your customer through this journey

Marketing is not the same as it was 10 years ago. Now you need to take your customer through specific steps in order to close the sale. As they say you don't ask to marry someone on the first date! (well usually not...) We'll teach you all you need to know about creating a customer funnel for your business.

Creating Powerful Audiences With Facebook

Finding the right audience for your product is the key to success. Facebook has tools that can help you generate powerful audiences that will buy your products and services. We will show you how to create winning audiences for your business and the fundamental strategies behind the creation of these audiences.

How To Use Facebook Data To Create A Profitable Ad Strategy

The advantage of advertising on Facebook is that you receive measurable data which is powerful in your decision making. We will show you how to understand your cost of acquisition and the steps to determine when your ad strategy is profitable.

Four 1:1 Personalised Coaching Session's to create your campaign

This is the absolute FEATURE of our 8 Week Premier Program (that no other training program contain). While you are completing your two online courses, we will have fortnightly PERSONALISED one on one sessions where we will create your campaign from strategy to completion. This is POWERFUL and will enable you to be able to create and manage any profitable campaigns you want in the future. THIS IS PERSONALISED HANDS ON TRAINING!!!

How to Create An Ad In Ads Manager

No more boosting bosts. Learn how to put it all together and navigate through Facebook’s ads manager in our step-by-step video tutorial including how to view the results of your ads. We will teach you how to make the most out of it’s powerful features.

FREE Live Support while you are completing your course

You will receive FREE support in our membership throughout the 8 weeks (plus a bonus month). You will be able to access support from our Facebook Ad Experts through our closed Facebook group, live Q and A's plus our comprehensive training available in our membership.

Business Owners Love Our 8 Week Premier Program

Here's What Some Have to Say...

"If you are running a small business, you MUST understand Facebook ads and no one better to teach you the basis than Spunky Monkey. It will leave you excited and enthusiastic to go back home or the office ready to get started."
Sea Searcher Charters
"I didn’t know much about Facebook Ads, or the importance of Facebook advertising before this. The girls from Spunky Monkey made it clear and simple and helped me have more of an understanding of Facebook Ads and how to use them."
New Farm Deli
“This was exactly what I’d been searching for step by step interactions in real life and in simple clear terms on getting started with FB ads without having to engage a 5k/month expert. So happy to have found Spunky Monkey... it has reduced the overwhelm it’s much easier than I thought.”
The Skin Suite
“Shenny was great and really enjoyed this course. I have learnt a lot and I definitely know how to use FB now in order to benefit my business.” 
Steph & Dale
Redlands Realty

What makes us different?

You'll get Real Results!

Most programs will teach you something valuable. But what makes this program different is that we present it in a way where you will be able to execute highly profitable Facebook campaigns that will make you thousands, thens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is a hands on program with personalised coaching especially for your business

Your Facebook Advertising Expert

Shenny Neveceral

Shenny has been in business for over 25 years. From building and managing small businesses to multi million dollar companies. Along with her Business Degree and many year’s experience in marketing, she has managed Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns for businesses of all sizes.

She understands what it’s like to be a business owner and need to keep up with the changes in technology. In fact, she realised that Facebook Advertising had become a MUST for business and not a want, so she decided to learn Facebook Advertising.

At this time she generated 3000 new customers in just 3 months for her business…then scaled it internationally!!!! It was then that she saw the real power of Facebook Advertising and began to help other businesses.

After teaching in Cambodia in 2018 Shenny realised she had a passion for teaching. After returning to Australia she looked at what was in her hands. She had been managing Facebook Advertising campaigns for some time and saw the need for businesses to create and manage their own profitable campaigns. Many of these businesses just couldn’t afford to employ a marketing agency. It was at this time that she decided to teach Facebook Advertising through live workshops and online courses.

Since this time, Shenny has empowered hundreds of business owners to do just this…create and manage their own profitable campaigns. This has saved these business thousands of dollars and allowed them to realise the opportunity of Facebook Advertising for their business when they would not have otherwise been able to.

“My wish is for every business -whether small or big – to be able to advertising on the most powerful advertising platform on the market today. Every business owner should have the confidence and support to be able to take their business to the next level.”


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes. You will continue to have access to the course after you complete it.

You will receive 90 days in our support membership with the 8 Week premier program.

You will also be entitled to four sessions of 1:1 support.


If you have technical issues or any questions about the course you can email [email protected]

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