Advanced – A great new Audience

Advanced – A great new Audience

Here's a great new audience you can test

There are so many audiences that can be tested in Facebook with so many combinations. The tools that Facebook give us as advertisers is mind blowing.

In fact in Facebook Advertising you can create literally hundereds of audiences to test. Some will fly, some will be ok and some will flop. Expect that…

That’s why testing audiences is SO important in your campaigns.

I found its all too easy to become complacent when you have an audience that is performing well. You don’t feel like finding any more winning ones as the ones you currently have are bringing in money.

But what if there was a better audience out there?

One that could reduce your costs therefore make you more profit?

This past week I’ve been testing a few different audiences and I thought I’d share one with you that worked very well for me.

I’ve called it the “Stacked Lookalike Audience”. 

This audience is generated using different Lookalike (or LLA) audiences combined together.

The LLA audience will depend on whether you are an ecommerce store or lead generation.

But basically is it is a combination of LLA for View content, LLA for Add to Cart, LLA for Initiate Checkout excluding LLA for Purchases.

It could be a LLA audience of between 1-10% (obviously test the difference percentages)

So what I created was:

LLA 1% View Content


LLA 1% Initiate Checkout

Excluding Purchases.

I combined all these LLA audiences into one saved audience.


This audience worked a treat for me with an e-commerce client.

You could create a similar audience for Lead Generation:

LLA 1% View Content

LLA 1% Opened Lead Form not submitted

LLA 1% Completed Lead form

Exclude those that Completed Lead forms

Then combine these LLA audiences into one saved audience.

The sky is the limit with these combinations (remember it’s the 3 -4 audiences all combined into one saved audience)

It may sound a bit confusing but it’s worth the creation of these audiences as they are very comprehensive and use the powerful algorithm tools that Facebook has given us.

Next time you’re feeling a bit creative, I challenge you to try and create an audience similar to these and see what you results get!

It could be your best audience yet!

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