Advanced – Another Way to collect leads in Facebook

Advanced – Another Way to collect leads in Facebook

ever used the lead generation objective in facebook?

Facebook has given us an objective called “Lead Generation” in Ads Manager.

Generally if we wanted to collect leads (i.e email address, phone number etc) through a paid ad, we would use this objective.

However recently this objective hasn’t been giving us as high quality leads as expected.

This may be for a few reasons (besides that fact that the algorithm may not be presenting our ads to the right people.)

Firstly, when we use the Lead Generation objective, Facebook will pre-fill the email address to make it easy for a lead to fill in their details.

This makes sense doesn’t it?

But in fact that could be to the detriment of the quality of the lead because the pre-filled email address is the email that the lead has provided to Facebook when they first joined up.

This email could have been from 10-12 years ago…and quite often our emails aren’t the same as it was back then.

So the contact details we are getting are in fact incorrect or out dated.

Secondly, when a lead doesn’t have to take the time to actually type in their email, quite often we are getting “lazy” leads. Leads that are only half interested.

This may waste time and money for us if we are investing into these “lazy” leads instead of quality leads. (I have often heard of people that call back these leads and they can’t even remember giving their details!)

Lastly, it may take a little bit more selling for a lead to be convinced to give their email address. Quite often the ad itself doesn’t cover all the information that it needs. So creating a landing page to do the selling will also sift out the people that are really interested in providing their details.

So what’s the solution?

I have created the following campaign to generate leads and it has been working very well.

Firstly I  would create a “Conversion” event. This event would be optimised for a registration confirmation page.

So this is how the flow would look like

Facebook Ad >Landing Page >Registration Confirmation

Firstly you would create a “Customised Pixel Event” (in Events Manager in Business Manager). You would optimise for this event.

Basically you are saying to Facebook “Please find the people that will click on my ad, go to my landing page, fill out the registration form at the bottom of the landing page which will then lead to the registration confirmation page. I want you to find the people that will complete this process”.

So Facebook knows the people to look for.

What are the advantages to using this funnel?

Firstly, a lead must manually put in their most up to date email address which gives you the most up to date information.

Secondly they are having to go through your landing or selling page so you can share more information about what you are selling.

Lastly, by creating a Pixel event, Facebook can learn to locate the right people in your audience that will go through this three step process.

Will you get as many leads this way? 

Probably not, but you will get QUALITY leads and that’s what counts in the end.

So try this funnel next time you are creating a Lead Generation campaign. You may be surprised at the results you get.

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