Advanced – A great new Audience

Here’s a great new audience you can test There are so many audiences that can be tested in Facebook with so many combinations. The tools that Facebook give us as advertisers is mind blowing. In fact in Facebook Advertising you can create literally hundereds of audiences to test. Some will fly, some will be ok

Organic vs Paid Advertising?

What’s the difference and do you need both? There’s a lot of debate on whether a business needs to use Organic or Paid strategies in their Facebook advertising. What’s the difference you ask?  Paid Advertising is where you need to pay money to get your name out to your followers PLUS a big bonus is

Is it worthwhile to start a Facebook Group?

Everyone’s talking about facebook groups in 2020 There are so many ideas on how to promote your business on social media. In fact it can soon become confusing when you have to weigh up the endless possibilities with the limited time you have available. Especially as a small business owner who has other priorities such