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It's time to Stop Losing Money on
Facebook Ads that Don't Work

Get ready to run profitable Facebook Ads that make money!

If you’ve lost money on Facebook Ads you’re not the only one.

Facebook is an amazing platform to market your products. Where else can you sell thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars by simply placing ads and targeting the right people?

While Facebook is one of the most powerful platforms to marketing your business and make huge amounts of money, it’s not as simple as simply placing an ad.

There’s a lot more to it… and that’s what I teach you!

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to create powerful, winning ads that make money for you!

You’ll learn how to create Facebook Ad Campaigns that will tap into a huge amount of new business. Want more business?

Want more customers? Want more sales?

Become a Pro at Facebook Ads

Learn how to Run Facebook Ads that Make Money!

Learn the RAPID Growth Formula that will create exponential growth in your business

Discover how to create the RIGHT strategies for your Facebook Campaigns

Stop Wasting Money on Ads that Don't Work

Finally take control of your Facebook Ads

I've have helped over 300 businesses this past year alone with their Facebook ads at my live workshops and online masterclasses...

And now I can share this information with you too!

I’ll teach you with my “step by step” teaching that creates RESULTS

Facebook Advertising is essential for every business. Most business owners find it overwhelming and are wasting thousands of dollars in unprofitable ads
Did you know that Facebook has around 15 million active users? We don’t need to convince you of the power of social media advertising. But as a small business owner how do you plug in and find a piece of these Facebook users for your business?

I'll teach you how to become a Pro and create Profitable Facebook Ads in my online training.

Are you losing money on boosting posts?

The method of boosting posts in Facebook has very limited scope. This method simply doesn’t allow you to use the powerful tools that Business Manager has available. Don’t throw money away by just boosting posts for your business.

Are you feeling confused and frustrated trying to get results with Facebook Ads?

We get it, it’s not easy! We’ll take you by the hand and show you where you’re going wrong with your ads and how simple it is to fix them.

Are you not sure about what a successful audience looks like?

We’ll take you through the step by step process on how to create audiences that will WANT to see your product or service.

Here's What You'll Learn in my Becoming a Pro at Facebook Ads Online Course

Understanding The Facebook Pixel

If you don’t have the Facebook pixel installed you could be losing thousands of dollars. We will teach you the importance of the pixel and why it is essential to create a re-targeting campaign.

"NO" to the Boost Button

I'll show you why pressing the "Boost" button doesn't give you the results you need how to create your ads correctly to get optimum results.

Understand why your ads may be failing

We'll outline 6 specific reasons why your current ads may be failing and the simple steps you need to overcome this so your future campaigns are a success

How To Rapidly Grow Your Business

I'll share a specific formula that built my business to $10 million in sales. Combined with Facebook Advertising and your business will grow exponentially!

Plus much, much more...

Business Owners Love My Facebook Course...

Here's What Some Have to Say...

"If you are running a small business, you MUST understand Facebook ads and no one better to teach you the basis than Spunky Monkey. It will leave you excited and enthusiastic to go back home or the office ready to get started."
Sea Searcher Charters
"I didn’t know much about Facebook Ads, or the importance of Facebook advertising before this. The girls from Spunky Monkey made it clear and simple and helped me have more of an understanding of Facebook Ads and how to use them."
New Farm Deli
“This was exactly what I’d been searching for step by step interactions in real life and in simple clear terms on getting started with FB ads without having to engage a 5k/month expert. So happy to have found this workshop it has reduced the overwhelm it’s much easier than I thought.”
The Skin Suite
“Shenny was great and I really enjoyed this course. I have learnt a lot and I definitely know how to use FB now in order to benefit my business.” 
Steph & Dale
Redlands Realty

What makes us different?

You'll get Real Results!

Most courses will teach you something valuable. But what makes this course different is that is presented it in a way where you understand step by step what to do. I found this course easy to understand. It was fantastic!

Your Facebook Advertising Expert

Shenny Neveceral

Shenny has been in business for over 25 years. From building and managing small businesses to multi million dollar companies. Along with her Business Degree and many year’s experience in marketing, she has managed Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns for businesses of all sizes.

She is an Official Certified Facebook™️ Ads Media Buyer which requires advanced knowledge of Facebook Advertising. 

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