Is it worthwhile to start a Facebook Group?

Is it worthwhile to start a Facebook Group?

Everyone's talking about facebook groups in 2020

There are so many ideas on how to promote your business on social media. In fact it can soon become confusing when you have to weigh up the endless possibilities with the limited time you have available.

Especially as a small business owner who has other priorities such as accounting, sales and well…being the CEO.

Is it worth to also create a Facebook group for your business? Will it bring in extra $?

The simple answer is YES...if done properly creating an active Facebook Group for your business can certainly create that momentum that you need for your business. It can also develop you as an authority in your industry (especially if your business is based on “you” such as coaches, course creators or teachers). 

When you have a following that is growing each day and understanding and respecting what you have to say, the momentum and respect will grow at an exponential rate. And the best thing about Facebook Groups is that it’s free to create and run.

The trick here is to give your members VALUABLE information for FREE. 

Yes…that might mean giving away some ‘secret’ information or giving away information that you would have otherwise charged for. But the secret here is to look LONG TERM and what you are building in this group of people who respect you and the information you provide.

They will in turn be open to what you have to offer (at your charged prices) and thus it will definitely benefit your business.

You will need to promote your group through other groups or if you want paid advertising. People won’t generally find your group by themselves unless others are talking about it and gaining value from your group.

That’s why it’s so important to create a group and provide GREAT VALUE from inception. This will organically grow momentum…and this is the silver lining at the end of the rainbow.

The next question is “Should everyone create a group for their business?” 

The simple answer to this is NO…if you can’t spend the time (and you will need to invest a lot of time and energy into these groups) then you won’t benefit from the group. You won’t build the momentum you need to realise the results and sales. So it’s not worth thinking of a Facebook Group for your business unless you are willing to invest into what it takes to grow the group.

So to conclude a Facebook Group in 2020 is a powerful organic strategy to building credibility and leads for your business. Many businesses have created groups with hundreds of thousands of members in a short period of time, which in turn has propelled their business.

If you are willing to invest what it takes to grow a Facebook Group, it may just be the tool you need to take your business to the next level.

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