Advanced – Great Objectives to use in Ads Manager Right Now

Advanced – Great Objectives to use in Ads Manager Right Now

Here's some great objectives in Ads Manager I'm using right now..

Did you know there are around 11 objectives in Ads Manager right now? But do you have to use them all?

In order to create a successful campaign you need to ascertain which objective is going to suit the strategy for your campaign.

So what are the most popular objectives to use right now? Below I’ve listed the one’s that I am using the most frequently at the moment and outline why I would use these conversions.

Reach – The reach objective is asking for Facebook to just reach out and show as many people as possible your ads. Now this can be very hit and miss when you are have a cold audience and I don’t usually recommend this objective for a cold audience for this reason. But...I think a reach campaign can be quite useful for a warm and hot audience (assuming you have a large enough audience) where you are asking Facebook to show your ad to the most people in this warm audience as possible. This is usually a lower CPM and allows your ads to be shown to these people at a lower price.

Engagement – This objective is great when you want to create awareness and would like people to like share and comment on your ad. This is great for your current followers and can be useful even with a cold audience when you just want to say “I’m here”. It’s the top of the funnel type of stuff. Don’t you love seeing all these comments and likes (i.e social proofing) on your ads. It makes you feel proud!

Video Views There’s a strategy behind this objective! If someone is going to watch your video for a considerable amount of time, they are probably pretty interested in your product or service. So we create this objective to filter our those that are interested in us, then we will retarget them later on. This is a powerful objective…I love to use this one throughout the different level of the Facebook funnel.

Messages Messages is working well at the moment and this objective is not reliant on your website. Simply someone will click on the ad and you will have a part automated message for them to see and reply to. You can also incorporate chat bots to the messaging campaigns which are all the go at the moment. This is a great objective to use.

Conversions – The daddy of all the conversions! You are asking Facebook to find the people that will buy your product. That is the ultimate objective and usually has the highest CPM…but that’s ok if you’re getting the results you need.

So I hope this has helped you understand conversions and the most popular one’s I am using at the moment. BUT with the constant algorithm changes, one objective that might create fantastic results may change without any notice.

What works today might not necessarily work the same next week or next month!

That’s why it’s so important to have the right support around you to be notified when these changes are happening and the impact that it’s having on campaigns throughout the world. Food for thought!!

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