Once we’ve received your first payment and your questionnaire we’ll set up a time to have a brainstorm together.
If you haven’t set up your Facebook and Instagram accounts we’ll do this during our talk. You will need to allow us access to your pages for us to be able to post.
We’ll talk about what type of posts your customers will be attracted to. Instagram is especially a visual social media platform. People love to see behind the scenes photos, sneek peeks, videos as well as funny stuff.
Competitions and promotions can be posted monthly to show your customers what you have to offer. This can also be used as a strategy to increase the likes and followers to your pages.
Your brainstorm session is the time where we will discuss all of this and give some ideas on how your social media pages will be presented. Remember people are now looking for content that is personal to your business and not just advertising. It’s a fine line that we are looking for.
It’s easy to produce content that will attract attention…we can provide content that attracts attention to your pages.
So when can you start posting… I’m really keen to start asap?
After our brainstorming and once we receive all your images within 7 days we’ll have your first post on it’s way. Each month we’ll give you a deadline for your images to be submitted on one of our forms we’ll provide to you.
When we receive them we’ll then proceed to script and produce the hashtags ready for posting. It’s really important to give us any images by the deadline to ensure your posts are ready to go at the due date.
If you haven’t submitted the images by the due date we will then prepare other content material applicable for your business. Remember this material will not be as effective as your personal images and videos so it’s in your best interest to set aside a few minutes each month to prepare these for us.
Zero Risk for you
We don’t want you to feel pressured. We don’t believe in contracts to lock in you if you’re not happy. All we ask is 30 days notice and you can cancel at anytime.
We want our social media solution to work for you…
14 Day Free Trial

Our Free trial is perfect for those who would like to kick start their Facebook and Instagram pages. We’ll provide you with a FREE 30 minute brainstorming session where we’ll discuss different strategies for your social media pages. We’ll also provide 14 days of social media posting to your Facebook and Instagram account. If you’re not happy after a week of posting, just let us know otherwise we’ll continue on your chosen package.

We’re confident that once you see how we can create content that will attract attention on your social media pages, you’ll want to continue.

To start your FREE trial click here, choose the pack you want and click the 14 FREE Trial Button. It’s that simple.