Why I created Spunky Monkey Media

It’s 2020 and Facebook and Instagram advertising has become a must for all businesses. We have no choice but to advertise otherwise our competitors will take our share of the market.
The simple fact is that most businesses can’t afford to employ an agency so they have to learn the strategies behind Facebook Advertising themselves. 
Like you, I was also business owner who needed to learn Facebook Advertising. I knew if I didn’t keep up with the ever changing business world, I’d be left behind. So I decided to learn Facebook Ads myself and generated over 3000 customers in just 3 months. 
I have a passion for coaching small businesses to empower them to manage their own profitable campaigns. You don’t need to waste money on testing and trying like I did. I’m here to show you what I have learnt over the past few years.
But who do you trust to teach you…
I am an Official Certified Facebook™️ Media Buyer with over 3000 hours in Facebook Business Manager and coaching over 300 businesses in the past year alone. My clients have seen immediate results when they implement the strategies I have recommended. I have seen the results that can be generated when you are shown the correct strategies.
I want to encourage you to make the decision to take action today…and profit from Facebook Advertising.

here's a little bit about shenny neveceral


Shenny Neveceral is an official Certified Facebook™️ Media Buyer

She has been in business for over 30 years. From building and managing small businesses to multi million dollar companies. Along with her Business Degree and many year’s experience in marketing, she has managed Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns for businesses of all sizes.

She now teaches small to medium business how to create and manage their own profitable Facebook campaigns. To create and implement strategies that will take their businesses to the next level.

She has launched campaigns into new countries for clients as well as building their home bases in their respective countries. She has experience advertising for both small and larger business and saw the real need for small businesses to manage their own advertising campaigns. But she also understands the complexities behind Business Manager that many small businesses just don’t understand.

“I would love to empower you to understand Facebook advertising in your business. For you to bring in new customers to your business through this powerful platform. There’s no better way to learn than to have someone experienced there holding your hand. I believe you should be in charge of your marketing campaign…as only you know your business the best.”