Here's a PROVEN Facebook Ads Course that really works...and is EASY to learn​

In our DIY Facebook™ Ads course, we'll teach you how to use Facebook's ™ "Sales Machine" to grow your business to $10k - $20K or even $100K sales per month with our EASY to master process that ANYONE can learn.

It's time to Stop Losing Money on
Facebook™ Ads that don't work.

I've generated millions of dollars in revenue for my clients and now I'm sharing the EXACT strategies with you.

I'll teach you the same strategies we used to get results like this for our clients...

Meet the Facebook™ Ad Expert, Shenny Neveceral

Shenny has been in business for over 30 years. From building and managing small businesses to multi million dollar companies.


Along with her Business Degree and many year’s experience in marketing, she has managed Facebook™ and Instagram™ advertising campaigns for businesses of all sizes.


She has been running Facebook™ Ads for clients for over 6 years and during this time has also taught Facebook™ Advertising to businesses through Spunky Monkey Media and also Queensland TAFE.


Shenny also realised that many small business simply cannot afford to employ an agency to run their ads and are willing to put the time and effort involved to learn the strategies required.


She has empowered hundreds of business owners to do just this…create and manage their own profitable campaigns.


This has saved these business thousands of dollars and allowed them to realise the opportunity of Facebook™ Advertising for their business when they would not have otherwise been able to.

Shenny is a Certified Facebook™ Ads Media Buyer who has also taught business and Facebook Advertising for Queensland TAFE.

Her certification can be viewed here:

What would it mean to make $10k $20K or even $100k extra per month?

The secret is in the strategy....

If you could make an extra $10 $20K or even $100k a month…what would that meant for you?


More FREEDOM….less worry, perhaps help to pay the mortgage or rent, or even afford a holiday.


You probably know that Facebook™ Ads work and can take your business to the next level, but how do you do it? 


Especially if you can’t afford an Ads Manager to run your ads.


It’s all about the STRATEGY


Yes! You can run PROFITABLE ads yourself without employing an expensive agency when you are taught the strategies that WORK.


When you use these strategies, you create profitable campaigns.


When you create profitable campaigns you can then experience the freedom you yearn for.


Make sense?


If this is what you need right now, it’s time to learn Facebook™ Advertising through our Winning with Facebook Ads Training.

We have helped thousands of businesses learn Facebook Advertising for themselves with our SIMPLE to learn system

Introducing the Winning With Facebook™ Ads Courses

Part 1

Winning With Facebook™ Ads Foundations Course

We will teach you the FOUNDATIONS needed to create Profitable Facebook™ Ads that SELL

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Learn how to use the 70% strategy / 30% ads manager rule

Stop Wasting Money on Ads that Don't Work

Find The Right Audience

Learn the same strategies used by top Facebook™ marketers in the world

Here's What You'll Learn
in The Winning with
Facebook™ Ads
Foundation Online Course

If you don’t have the Facebook™ pixel installed you could be losing thousands of dollars. We will teach you the importance of the pixel and why it is essential to create a re-targeting campaign.

Want to know what your competitors are doing on Facebook? We will show you how to find out the exact ads your competitors are running.

Do you sometimes think that Facebook™ Advertising is a lot of jargon? In this lesson we will teach you the common terms used in Facebook™ Advertising that will explain a lot!

Understanding EXACTLY who your ideal customer is will make or break your campaign. We provide a simple system that WORKS

This is one of the most important concepts to understand in Facebook™ Advertising. If you don’t understand this concept, you could essentially be throwing away profitable advertising for your business. Understanding this concept will be the make or break of your digital marketing strategy.

Yes there are specific components to a successful ad. We’ll be covering all the components needed for your ad campaigns to be successful. This lesson is very important in the 70% strategy of digital ma

Finding the right audience for your product is the key to success. Facebook™ has tools that can help you generate powerful audiences that will buy your products and services. We will show you how to create winning audiences for your business and the fundamental strategies behind the creation of these audiences.

Understanding how to laser target your audience will enable you to create profitable ads. Our step by step process will show you exactly how.

Behind every successful advertising campaign is a strong foundation. This course takes you through the essential strategies behind profitable Facebook™ advertising. After the course you will feel confident to create a powerful Facebook™ advertising strategy that will put your business in front of the right people who will buy your products or services!

Get more out of our Facebook Ads Foundations Online

Part 2

Winning with Facebook™ Ads Advanced Course

Learn the Advanced strategies that will make your ads EXPLODE!!!

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Learn the BEST way to create your campaigns that will bring RESULTS

Create customer funnel strategies specifically for your business

Learn the exact steps to retarget your hot leads to achieve the highest possible return

Learn the same strategies used by top Facebook marketers in the world

Here's What You'll Learn
in The Winning with
Facebook™ Ads
Advanced Online Course

This strategy of “testing” your ad creates a strong foundation for your ad campaign. This strategy shows you EXACTLY where your ad is failing and HOW to fix it straight away. This strategy alone will save your $$$ in wasted Facebook™ Ad spend.

A successful ad campaign will always follow a customer funnel. We will outline exactly what funnel you will need for your business and explain each step in the customer journey.

Finding the right audience for your product is the key to success. Facebook™ has tools that can help you generate powerful audiences that will buy your products and services. We will show you how to create winning audiences for your business and the fundamental strategies behind the creation of these audiences.

We will teach you the EXACT audience you should create for each step in your customer funnel. We have split out our course in the E-Commerce, Lead Generation and Coaches & Online Courses niches to outline the different flows that are needed for each niche. This allows you to laser target the audience that you will need for YOUR business.

You will be taught a step by step method to creating your ad in Ads Manager. We also teach you the objective you will need to select for your niche. After all, Facebook™ will only provide the audience for the objective that you ask it to. If you have selected the wrong objective, your ad’s performance is destined for disaster

Without knowing how to read the data that Facebook™ provides you might as well be throwing money in the air. We teach you how to interpret the health of your ad and when to make specific decisions in your campaign.

Audience fatigue is a real issue in Facebook™ Advertising. Your results start declining, your cost per acquisition starts to increase. We’ll teach you the exact strategies to overcome this obstacle and exactly when these changes need to be done.

Don’t waste money on ads before you know that they WILL be a success. After you have implemented the “testing” phase, we teach you how to scale your ads to generate the real $$$ that you are looking for you in your business.

This lesson pulls apart what a successful ad contains and provides you with examples of successful ads. This lesson is GOLD!

Get more out of our Facebook™ Ads Advanced Online Course!



Coaching and Online Course Program

Join our Coaching and Online Program where you will receive access to BOTH of our courses PLUS Receive 2 x 1:1 LIVE zoom sessions with one of our Facebook™ ads Experts

After you have learnt the strategies needed to create a PROFITABLE Facebook™ campaign from our online courses, you will schedule a live zoom session with one of our Facebook™ Ads experts to go over your campaign before it goes live. They recommend any changes necessary to ensure your campaign starts on the right foot.

After your campaign has been live for 1-2 weeks and you have generated data, you will meet again for us to help you analyse the data and make any changes needed to optimise and ensure your campaign is profitable

Receive our Coaching and Online training package for just $995

that's 30% off our usual price of $1395

Here's What You'll Receive with the
The Winning with
Facebook™ Ads
Coaching and Course Program

We’ll take you by the hand and teach you step by step powerful strategies behind paid Facebook™ Advertising. After the course you will feel confident to create the strategies needed to run your own profitable campaign.

We’ve designed this step by step online course in an easy to understand format for any business owner. We teach the same advanced strategies that top Facebook™ marketers in the world use, but we teach it in an easy to understand format. We teach comprehensive strategies that are actually easy to understand.

In these 2 x 1 hour sessions we will go through the set up of your campaign as well as meet after your campaign has been launched and has some data. We will then analyse your results together to ensure your active campaigns are profitable.

Get more out of our Facebooks Ads Coaching and Course Program

Business Owners Love Our Facebook™ Course...
Here's What Some Have to Say...

I have spent countless thousands of dollars on marketing courses and programs over the years but none have actually shown me personally step by step one on one how to start successfully advertising, until now! I have experienced a 10-20% month on month growth since our first Facebook Ad campaign at just $10 per day that has returned us around 20 x return on the FB ad campaign cost.
Fill N Go
As someone with no previous Facebook advertising experience, I can’t recommend this course more. The course has easy to understand concepts explained in simple terms. If you want or need to do Facebook advertising, you can’t do better than this course.
Jody Cooke
Hypnosis & Emotional Freedom Centre Townsville
I recently signed up for Shenny’s Facebook Ads course and was really pleased about how well she explained everything and in an easy and engaging way. I was able to set up and run my first FB ads quite quickly and have been happy with the results so far. I’d highly recommend Shenny’s training to anyone starting out or even wanting to refresh their FB ads skills.
Simon James
Astra Digital Media

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