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What you would have already learned

This module outlines what you would have learned in the Winning with Facebook Ads Foundation Course

Creating a Viable Customer Funnel

We take you through the step by step process to create a viable customer funnel for your campaigns. This module is separated into the E-commerce, Lead Generation and Coaches & Online Course niches

The Components of a Successful Ad

There are specific components that make any ad successful. This module outlines all the steps to address in your ad to ensure your ad is profitable.

The Science Behind Testing your Ads

There is a specific science involved in testing whether your ads are successful or not. This module outlines the specific steps involved in testing your ads.

Creating Laser Targeted Audiences

This module outlines the advanced strategies in creating audiences for your business.

Creating Your ad

Learn how to create your ad the correct way with the correct objectives and components involved.

Analysing the Health of Your Ad

Analysing the performance of your ad is one of the most important skills to build in Facebook Advertising. This module outline the steps involved in analysing your ads.

Successful Ad Examples

We analyse successful ads in this module and show you these businesses have created winning ads.

Scaling Your Ads

Learn what to do when you have found your winning ads. Scaling is the one strategy that will enable you to double or triple your sales.

How to understand Ad Fatigue

This lesson teaches when your audience may become sick of seeing your ads and what to do when that happens.

Creating retargeting ads

Using the retargeting strategy will usually decrease your cost per acquisition quite considerably. This module teaches how to create retargeting ads.

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Facebook Certified

Shenny Neveceral is a Facebook Certified Media Buying Professional.


Shenny Neveceral

Certified Facebook Media Buyer with over 25 years in Marketing & Business

Shenny has been in business for over 25 years. From building and managing small businesses to multi million dollar companies. Along with her Business Degree and many year’s experience in marketing, she has managed Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns for businesses of all sizes. She is an Official Certified Facebook™️ Ads Media Buyer which requires advanced knowledge of Facebook Advertising.


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