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November 2019 Q&A Calls

November 7 - Today we went through adding a user to Business Manager. There were some "abnormalities" in Business Manager but we got around them. This was a very interesting recording for those that may be adding pages and users to their Business Manager. We then went through the analysis of ad and how important it is to pick up audience fatigue.

November 14 - We analysed the health of  current campaigns in this session. With one business it was a matter of seasonality that was interfering with closing the sale (results were still good). We optimised the campaigns of another business where the cold audience was actually performing better than the warm audience so we decided to put budget towards the cold audience.

November 21 - We researched some Pixel issues in an ad account and the right connection. We also analysed the health of ads on an ongoing basis in order to make sure costs were kept under control.

November 28 - Today we analysed the health of campaigns as well as setting up a custom pixel event in an account. We had a look at a new campaign that was created and some suggested changes to the campaign