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October Q&A Calls

October 3 - Analysis of campaigns. In this session we analysed 2 client campaigns and went through audience fatigue, checking audiences, inserting new video plus general click through ratio checks.

October 10 - Again today we analysed the health of ads. Looking at cost per lead, how to optimise and turn off non performing ad sets. We also looked at a campaign that we can't see actual purchase $$. We discussed how to ascertain whether these campaigns were in fact successful. Also we covered the importance of a landing page in selling any event and what an effective landing page looks like.

October 17 - Today we analysed the health of campaigns. We spoke about the wide disapprovals happening and what to do. We spoke about funnels and offers. Different scripts for audiences that weren't performing were also explored.

October 24 - We looked at DPA ads and saw a problem where it was automatically optimised for view content. We'll be investigating this. We created another conversion ad and analysed the health of ads.

October 31 PART 1 - We analysed the results of a recently launched messaging campaign. The data looked good but in these campaigns we need to keep communication on how the actual conversions are going.

October 31 PART 2 - When there were no results showing but there were queries coming from the FB ads it was very confusing. It was great to discuss and investigate this problem as there was found to be no pixel in the new website. Filtering through the problems are common in Facebook Advertising.

We also had a look at a campaign that had great video views but we were looking at the results of the retargeting. It was still early days so hard to know if any changes should be done (remember around 3000 impressions). It was great to analyse the data and then make decisions from there.