Who will be managing my social media account?
As soon as you come on board you will be allocated a social media legend that will be responsible for your account. You can email, phone or live chat your representative anytime to discuss your needs. However with our systems in place, your representative will know what needs to be done each month and will script and post as per your profile.
Can I still post on my profile?
Of course you can post on your profile anytime. We encourage you to get involved in your social media as much as you want. But remember don’t stress as we are here to take the load from you.
How do I tell you about my specials and promotions?
Each month in your form submission you will be able to tell us of your specials and promotions coming up. We can either create a post or your can provide an image for us. Again it’s better to make your posts as personal as possible so the more personal it is, the more your readers will be able to relate to it. Some of our packages include brainstorming with our social media legends to help you create some effective ideas for your business.
How often will you post on my page?
It depends what package your purchase. We have both three day and seven day packages to choose from. We will then check your comments up to 24 hours after your post has been submitted to respond back to any comments you may have.
What will happen if you receive a comment or question on my post that you don’t know the answer to?
If you receive a question on a post that we don’t know the answer to we will either SMS or email you. You are more than welcome to go straight to the page to answer the query or you can respond to us and we will answer on your behalf.
If you receive a negative comment we will again SMS or email you immediately and either you can respond or direct us on how you would like this to be dealt with.
If you receive an abusive or comment that we deem to be unacceptable, we will automatically delete this comment on your behalf.
Do I need to give you access to my accounts?
Yes. You will need to give us access to both your Instagram and Facebook accounts in order to post on your feed.
Why are your prices so reasonable?
We are not an expensive advertising company. Spunky Monkey Media was created to help the small business owner to be able to afford social media exposure. We do not work on high margins but we believe once you use us you’ll tell others about us as well.
Do I need to sign a contract?
No. We want to make working with Spunky Monkey Media easy. We want to take the load off you. All we ask is 30 days notice as we prepare your next months postings a month ahead. We want you to be happy.
What happens if I need you to some extra things for me?
Just ask us..We are more than happy to tailor something to your needs if we are able to.
What should the images I provide you be like?
We want to take your social media load. But saying this, from experience we have seen that personalised images and/or videos attract readers. But If you absolutely can’t provide images for any reason, we’re happy create content personalised for your business. We want to work around your needs and make your social media easy.
If you provide images we recommend that the images you provide are personal. Instagram is about visual photo’s and experiences. Readers love to see videos and photo’s behind the scenes. Bloopers, sneek peeks and just the everyday. We’re more than happy to do some training with you on what type of images and/or videos are effective for social media.
Posting generic links to articles are not attractive on Instagram and are getting less popular on Facebook.
If you only provide a certain number of photo’s and we need some more for your posts, we can provide the rest of your content by posting a photo and/or image from an influencers feed (and tagging them for extra exposure on your post). We can also create motivational quotes for your feed and select images/videos that are associated with your business.
The best formula is a mix of all three posts. At our brainstorming session we can discuss what mix is best for your business. We also have brainstorming sessions included in our silver and gold packages.
What are the tiles?
Tiles break up the photo’s in your feed and give a nice visual aspect when readers come to your feed. They also reinforce the subject in your photo. Please ask and we will be able to show you some examples of feeds with tiles scattered. If you choose to include tiles in your package, your posts will be doubled on Instagram.
I don’t want to get involved with my social media I just want you to do it all
That’s ok. If you don’t want to be involved with your social media at all, we are happy to create posts that will be attractive and relevant for your feed.
Do you post separately to Instagram and Facebook?
We post the same content to your Instagram and Facebook pages. We use hashtags in the comments of your Instagram post because many Facebook readers don’t like to see hashtags. Your Facebook page will show the script and photo/video just like it was posted separately.
We will obviously monitor comments separately posted to your Instagram and Facebook pages.