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We put the Spunk in Digital Marketing.

Facebook Ads Management

We can manage your complete Facebook and Instagram paid Advertising campaigns for you. This alternative suits a lot of businesses that may not have the time or energy to focus on Facebook Advertising and would rather leave it to a professional to manage. With over 30 years and 5000 hours experience in Facebook Advertising, we live and breath the strategies involved in creating profitable campaigns. We specialise in lead generation, e-commerce, local business and those involved in the coaches & online course industries.

Because every business needs will differ, please contact us for a quote on how we can manage your businesses Facebook Advertising campaigns from the beginning right to the end.

Tik Tok UGC

There’s not doubt UGC (User Generated Content) is a trend that is taking over the world. Your audience wants to see everyday people using your products. Gone are the days when you need to spend thousands of dollars on one video to be successful. UGC videos are on trend, short (around 30 seconds) punchy and are on trend. Tik Tok users spend hours and hours a day scrolling through UGC content. In fact, UGC content has become so popular that Facebook users are also loving it…so it’s perfect for Facebook Ads as well. We can create UGC for your business right from strategy, content, sourcing talent and editing the videos. Right up to uploading the complete video to Tik Tok. These videos are a MUST for anyone wanting to be up with the trends on social media today.

Tik Tok Management

We offer highly targeted Tik Tok videos for your Tik Tok account and for Tik Tok paid advertising. We source and use the right talent to ensure your ads are “Tik Tok worthy” as well as creating a strategy that will attract viewers. This involves keeping on top of trending hashtags, music and themes. If you’re not sure how to create the “right” videos for Tik Tok and unsure of how the platform really works, you can leave it to us. We are experts in the field of trends and how that applies to your business.
Because every business needs will differ, please contact us for a quote on how we can manage your businesses Tik Tok Management and Advertising campaigns from the beginning right to the end.

Copy Writing

Creating the right copy can either make or break your digital marketing. You have a split second for people to understand what message you are trying to portray. And if they are confused…they’ll leave. That’s why copy writing is so important. You need to portray your message as simply as possible, with your ultimate goal in mind. Our professional copy writers have years of experience in copyrighting for websites, PDF’s or any document you need written.


There’s no use running traffic to your website if your website doesn’t sell. It’s the IMPORTANT 50% of a Digital Marketing campaign. And if you’re website is just “pretty” and confuses people, they will just leave. We create websites that “sell”. We create a user experience that makes purchasing your product EASY.

Graphic Design

Creating quality graphics for your Social ads or Website is crucial. There is nothing that portrays your professionalism more than images. We have an in house Graphics Designer with the outstanding ability to create images that sell. There’s a difference between a pretty image and one that will sell in paid advertising, and our Graphics Designer knows exactly what works and what doesn’t.

Google Ads

Google Advertising goes hand in hand with Facebook Advertising. Digital Marketing now has many branches and it’s crucial now more than ever to be seen on different platforms. We can offer Google Ads Management for clients to ensure they are seen.

Social Media Management

We understand that not all businesses have the time or the knowledge to post regularly on Facebook & Instagram. However it is SO important to have a regular presence on these platforms, especially if you are running paid ads. Your audience will come from your paid ads to your page and judge whether they can trust you or not. If there are no regular posts on your page (or they just hear “crickets”) they are most likely to leave. Your potential customers will judge your professional, or whether they want to deal with you, from your Social Media pages. 

If you need help with your Social Media Management, please contact us and we can discuss your needs.

Email Marketing

Digital Marketing needs to be a multi faceted approach. When your customers see you on social media, perhaps an ad is served to them and they receive an email with the same offer, they are sure not to forget you. In fact it takes approximately 8 times for a person to see something before they will remember it (and with social media it may be even up to 16 times). So we need to be in front of our customers all the time. 

Email Marketing NEEDS to be a part of every businesses strategy. If you need help with your email marketing, please contact us today to discuss your needs.

We are focused on Results

Simple “Brand Awareness” or “Likes and Shares” won’t pay the bills!

We’ll create strategies to produce the sales that you are looking for in your business

Who We Work With

Our team works with e-commerce stores who want to be at the forefront of their game.


They want UGC content and they want to be a prominent player on Facebook, Instagram & Tik Tok.


Marketing in 2023 has changed and if you want to scale your business, you need to move with what’s working on social media today.


With over 30 years of business experience, I’m proud to lead a team of innovators who are specialists in their fields.


It’s all about the results… and we have lots of happy clients who are even happier with their results!