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What you would have already learnt….

You should have learnt some important foundational strategies behind Facebook Advertising by now.  This course has been designed for those with prior knowledge or experience in Facebook advertising.  If you are just starting out with Facebook advertising we highly recommend you complete the Winning with Facebook Ads Foundation course before commencing this course. You may

Creating retargeting ads

Creating a retargeting ad for your warm or hot audiences will look different to an ad that goes out to a cold audience. We have specifically created step by step teaching  to show you how to talk to your warm audiences and ensure your ads are set up correctly. Again we use the customer funnel

How to understand Ad Fatigue in your campaigns

You will be taught how to identify ad fatigue in this module and what to do to prevent it. By the end of this module you will be confident to know when your ad’s are declining and the steps needed to overcome this and get your campaign back on track.  

Scaling your ads

Once you have completed your the testing phase of your campaign it’s then time to scale. Scaling only once you are happy that your testing phase is complete will allow you to scale at a profitable rate to keep your ad costs down. In this module we teach you when it’s time to scale your

Successful Ad Examples

Now you understand what components a successful ad should contain, it should be easy to look at an ad to see whether it contains the strategies outlined in this course. We have put together a showcase of successful ads for you to learn what a successful ad should look like in Facebook or Instagram Ad.

Analysing the Health of Your Ad

Now that you have created your ad, your work is only half done! It’s time now to find out whether your ad has been successful and make any adjustments needed to ensure you have optimised your Facebook campaign. Analysing the health of your ad is just as important (if not more) than creating your strategies

Creating Your Ad

Congratulations! By the time you are ready to create your ad, 90% of the hard work has been done. The strategies and foundations have been set, your customer funnel has been created, your ad script and images have been selected, and now it’s time to input the data into Ads Manager. Practice is the key

The Science Behind Testing Your Ads

This method of “testing” your ads is used by top Facebook marketers around the world today. In fact, that’s why they experience success in their Facebook campaigns….because they know exactly what works and what doesn’t through this “testing” strategy. This method of testing will create a firm foundation before you scale your Facebook advertising budgets

The Components of a Successful Ad

There are simple steps when creating a successful ad in Facebook Advertising. In this module, we have broken up your ad creation into 6 steps and focus on optimising each section of your ad creation process. Understanding and implementing these crucial steps in the ad creation process will enable your ads to perform better from