We Create

Tik Tok & UGC videos

that stand out!

Here’s what we have done for our amazing clients!

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If your business isn’t on Tik Tok,

it needs to be NOW.

User Generated Content

is in demand

The modern consumer demands trust and authenticity. 

They now understand that many influencers were paid for their work .They need something that will STAND OUT in order to stop the scroll. 

They want to see everyday people with your products.

UGC (User generated content) has been proved to increase the click through rate on both Facebook & Tik Tok around 5 times the rate as a normal video or image!

You need to be onboard with what’s working in order to scale you brand.

Our team will create powerful UGC videos

that drive sales to your business

Does thinking about what videos to create leave you perplexed and exhausted? We create UGC videos that drives sales to your business.


The fact is that trending videos move at the light of speed, and keeping up with new styles, hashtags and sounds can be very daunting.


We are the experts in generating UGC videos for you Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok Ads.


We source talent, create the strategies, shoot, and edit user generated content that scales brands via paid & organic social channels. 


We create scroll stopping videos that sell!


Our team will help you create a profitable strategy using UGC video for your business (which means extra sales and profits for you!)

We create ads that scale

With many years of experience in Facebook & Instagram paid advertising, the team at Spunky Monkey Media are at the forefront of understanding digital marketing. 


Now with Tik Tok advertising becoming the trend, our team will create strategies to scale your business.


We’ve been through the trenches and know exactly what works and what doesn’t work.

Tik Tok is the Fastest Growing Social Media Platform in the World Today. Your Business Needs to be on it!

We are focused on Results

Simple “Brand Awareness” or “Likes and Shares” won’t pay the bills!

We’ll create strategies to produce the sales that you are looking for in your business

Who We Work With

Our team works with e-commerce stores who want to be at the forefront of their game.


They want UGC content and they want to be a prominent player on Facebook, Instagram & Tik Tok.


Marketing in 2023 has changed and if you want to scale your business, you need to move with what’s working on social media today.


With over 30 years of business experience, I’m proud to lead a team of innovators who are specialists in their fields.


It’s all about the results… and we have lots of happy clients
who are even happier with their results!