The 6 Simple Steps to Increasing your Sales through Facebook Advertising



Facebook Essentials Course
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I want to thank you for taking interest in my training and know my webinar would have taught you some amazing strategies that you can implement in your business today.

If you would like to take your learning further I would highly recommend my Facebook Essentials Course.

Here’s what you’ll  learn:

✅ Understanding The Facebook Pixel

If you don’t have the Facebook pixel installed you could be losing thousands of dollars. We will teach you the importance of the pixel and why it is essential to create a re-targeting campaign.

✅ The Importance of a Website that Sells

You can generate as much traffic as you like to your website, but if it doesn’t sell all your efforts are wasted. We’ll teach the strategies behind a successful website which goes hand in hand with your Facebook advertising

✅ Understand why your Ads may be Failing

We’ll outline 6 specific reasons why your current ads may be failing and the simple steps you need to overcome this so your future campaigns are a success

✅ How To Spy On Your Competitors

Want to know what your competitors are doing on Facebook? We will show you how to find out the exact ads your competitors are running.

✅ What the customer funnel is and how you can take your customer through this journey

Marketing is not the same as it was 10 years ago. Now you need to take your customer through specific steps in order to close the sale. As they say you don’t ask to marry someone on the first date! (well usually not…) We’ll teach you all you need to know about creating a customer funnel for your business.

✅ Creating Powerful Audiences With Facebook

Finding the right audience for your product is the key to success. Facebook has tools that can help you generate powerful audiences that will buy your products and services. We will show you how to create winning audiences for your business and the fundamental strategies behind the creation of these audiences.

✅ How To Use Facebook Data To Create A Profitable Ad Strategy

The advantage of advertising on Facebook is that you receive measurable data which is powerful in your decision making. We will show you how to understand your cost of acquisition and the steps to determine when your ad strategy is profitable.

✅ Hands on Worksheets to help you

Did you know that 80% of the work in Facebook Advertising is actually done OFF Facebook. These worksheets will ensure you have thought of ALL the strategies you need for a successful ad and now have ALL the information you will need. These worksheets will make sure you answer EVERY question RIGHT when you get into Ads Manager.

✅ How to Create An Ad In Ads Manager

No more boosting posts. Learn how to put it all together and navigate through Facebook’s ads manager in our step-by-step video tutorial including how to view the results of your ads. We will teach you how to make the most out of it’s powerful features.

✅ How to Create Powerful Audiences

This step by step tutorial will show you how to create POWERFUL audiences. This teaching will make the difference between an ad that is shown to the RIGHT people (rather than people who have no interest in what you have to sell). It will show you how you can create literally HUNDREDS of different audiences for your business.

Plus much much more..

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