Organic vs Paid Advertising?

Organic vs Paid Advertising?

What's the difference and do you need both?

There’s a lot of debate on whether a business needs to use Organic or Paid strategies in their Facebook advertising.

What’s the difference you ask? 

Paid Advertising is where you need to pay money to get your name out to your followers PLUS a big bonus is that you can get your name out to people that have never heard of you before (called a cold audience).

You can also retarget people that may have taken interest in your product or service such as visiting your website, clicking on your ad or if you’re an e-commerce store even adding to cart but not purchasing.

The laser targeting capabilities in paid advertising is out of this world. Facebook has created an advertising platform for us that is so advanced, it makes advertising a sure success.

Organic Facebook advertising is basically free advertising where you use different non paid strategies to create awareness and sell your products or services on Facebook & Instagram.

These may include:

👉Posting on your business page regularly

👉Generating conversation in applicable groups

👉Creating blogs

👉Recording Facebook & Instagram Lives 

👉Creating a Facebook Group

👉Collaborating with Influencers (free could be in exchange for product)

👉Creating great images and videos

However the BIG factor to take into consideration here is that Facebook & Instagram have changed their algorithms so it’s more of a “pay to play” platform.

This means that if your business page followers are going to see your posts, you are going to need to put some $$$ behind it.

Around 10 years ago if you had 10,000 followers on your page and you posted on it…10,000 people would see your post. It was at these times that people were making a LOT of money without ANY ad spend.

Fast foward 5 years ago and if you had the same 10,000 followers, probably around 5,000-6,000 would see your post. This was still a good strategy to make money on (after all it was free).

Now in 2020, if you post on your business page, approximately only 5% will see your post!! So if you have 10,000 followers on your business page approximately only 500 people will see your post!!

The obvious reason for this is that Facebook & Instagram are now monetising (big time!!) on the need to advertising.

They want to make money!!

Basically if you want to be seen on Facebook now, you need to pay.

But does this mean that Organic Strategies are dead?

The answer to this is NO...

You need to have a combined strategy of both organic and paid advertising in your social media strategy.

There is no doubt that Facebook favours those businesses that have a greater engagement than those that don’t. And ultimately that will mean lower advertising costs and higher return.

Will you see direct impact from just organic advertising?

You may or you may not. But always remember it is contributing to your paid advertising strategy.

Paid advertising has become the “King” of selling on Facebook & Instagram and the direct response (and sales!) generated from these platforms are mind blowing.

The ability to laser target your audience and create sales almost immediately are HUGE advantage. Many businesses have generated millions of dollars in sales by just creating and implementing a successful paid advertising strategy.

Obviously there is a correct and incorrect way to use paid Advertising. It is a very strategic science that needs to be implemented for success. Very few businesses just create an ad and throw it in the air and subsequently make millions. It is a specific strategy that is implement.

So in summary, as a business wanting to explore generating sales through social media, it is a mixture of both organic and paid advertising that you should invest it.

Many have invested in these strateges and created a business they could only dream of.


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